Admission 2023-24

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Bsc Nursing First Institutions round merit list.

Attention ! Attention !! Attention !!!   The college will remain open for admissions inquiries on Eid ul-Adha, Monday, June 17, 2024.

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The Datta Meghe College of Nursing shall strive to enhance the health of the global community by providing quality nursing education, conducting research that fosters Evidence Based Nursing Practice and preparing nurses for culture relevant, value oriented, patient centered, professionally competent nursing practice directing towards positive health outcomes and health promotion for all.



The Datta Meghe College of Nursing aspires to be a leading Centre of Excellence in creating positive change in healthcare outcomes that are relevant locally, nationally, and globally through competent nursing education, translational research and culturally congruent nursing practice.


The Datta Meghe College of Nursing, Wanadongri, Nagpur is dedicated to quality nursing education and aspires to train the professional nurses imparting standard knowledge as per syllabus to help them to develop their skills in the professional functions and to inculcate right type of professional attitude in them to function as a noble professional and productive citizen in the society. The college strives to train the nursing students for all round development so that they are molded into responsible professionals and life-long learners. The faculty of this nursing college believes that the professionally qualified nurse has a unique introduction to make in promoting health, prevention of illness and rehabilitation of individual, family and community especially in rural and remote areas of our country. The faculty believe that the nursing education in realistic environment with faculty guidance, prepares a nurse who is capable of assessing community health needs, delivering quality nursing care with a holistic approach regardless of social, economic, cultural, and spiritual differences which contributes to the total development of students for democratic living and personal discipline.We the faculty here at DMCON strive to arrange teaching experiences in such a way that students develop attitude to deal with emergency situations; plan, organize and implement various health programme at individual level and contribute to foster team work to fulfill the goals of health care delivery system.

List of Approved Teaching Faculty

S. N. Name of the Faculty Designation Remarks
1 Dr. Vaishali D. Tendolkar Principal cum Professor Approved
2 Mr. Shiva Theetthayya Hiremath Professor Approval Awaited
3 Ms. Archana Vaidya-Umare Asso. Professor Approved
4 Ms. Charlotte Paul Asso. Professor Approved
5 Ms. Sneha Gajbhiye Asso. Professor Approved
6 Mr. Amit Dhengre Asst. Professor Approved
7 Ms. Nayna Rane Asst. Professor Approved
8 Ms. Sayali Mate Asst. Professor Approved

List of Teaching Faculty

S. N. Name of the Faculty Designation MUHS Approval Status
1 Dr. Vaishali D. Tendolkar Principal cum Professor Approved
2 Ms. Archana Vaidya Vice-Principal Cum Professor Approved
3 Ms. Charlotte Paul Professor Approved
4 Mr. Amit Dhengre Asso. Professor Approved
5 Ms. Nayna Rane Asso. Professor Approved
6 Ms. Poonal Ingalkar Asstt. Professor Not -Approved
7 Ms. Jyotashri Atre Asstt. Professor Not -Approved
8 Mr. Vikrant Mankar Asstt. Professor Approved


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